Summer Picnic Tables on The Great South East

foldable picnic tablesOur Foldable Picnic tables on The Great South East!

Great South East crew went for a Full Moon Kayaking tour to Wavebreak Island on the Gold Coast, and took our Foldable Picnic Tables along for the ride.  What an amazing ride it was, we only with we could have been there too.

Gold Coast Company, Seaway Kayaking Tours offer amazing tours of the beautiful Gold Coast Seaways.  Visit our beautiful waterways by Kayak, see dolphins and turtles, and enjoy a relaxing picnic on the beach.  All of this is the perfect setting for our wine tables and a place they love to be.

This amazing paddling experience took the crew across the Gold Coast Seaway and concluded with a twilight picnic on the beach using our tables to hold the celebratory wine and nibblies in comfort and style.  Add the acoustic guitar and open fire and it really was a picture of perfection, ambiance & relaxation.

We are so excited to hear our tables described in such flattering fashion, and very proud to see our unique Summer Picnic Tables being used in this beautiful setting.

Summer Picnic Tables, by Gold Coast company La Lucie Recycled are light, foldable and can be taken literally anywhere, even on a Kayak for a day enjoying our great outdoors.  Weighing just over a kilogram and folding flat to allow easy transportation and storage, our unique tables are the perfect addition to your day out or weekend away.

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