A bit about Summer Picnic Tables

The Summer Picnic Table Story

Blue Bay Round Picnic Table

Like all great innovations (if we say so ourselves!), our original idea came to us as the answer to a problem.

It was on a family camping trip in 2014. We headed out to the lake with our snacks, our books and, of course, our wine. We were all ready to relax and enjoy being in nature. Setting up our picnic blankets, we let our boys loose and poured ourselves glasses of wine.

Our beautiful, exuberant boys took to the water immediately, running back and forth between the water’s edge and our precariously balanced wine glasses. We tried to balance them them in the sand, digging them into little holes. When that didn’t work, we propped them against the camp chair or the esky. But over they went. Again… and again… and again. The last straw was when my entire bottle spilled – every single drop lost to the sandy ground.

Luckily Eric is a professional furniture maker (and very talented and handsome). He took a look at the situation and promised to ‘knock-me-up’ something to solve the problem.

So, the very first Summer Picnic Table was born.

From One to Many

Our first prototype wasn’t nearly as pretty as the tables we make now, but it was exactly what we needed. No more wine spilled in the sand. No more dirt kicked into our cheese platter. The more we took it out and about, the more comments we had from people who saw how useful it was. They wanted to know where they could get one. So, we decided we’d better give them a place where they could.

We started small, selling at various markets across the Gold Coast. But the picnic tables proved just as popular with our customers as they were with us, and demand grew. So, we opened our online retail shop and started wholesaling to a range of like-minded businesses around Australia and New Zealand.

What Makes Us Different

We are proud to have created the original folding wine picnic tables. While others have come along since, we maintain our position as industry leaders by being certified Australian Made and Australian owned and by using sustainably-grown Australian and New Zealand plantation pine whenever possible.

Our tables are made to the highest quality standards. They are each designed, cut, sanded, hand-painted, stained and varnished in our Gold Coast factory. That means that each table is absolutely unique and one-of-a-kind. And Eric oversees each design and every table. We make sure that whatever we send out is beautiful and functional and meets our own personal standards of quality.

What We Offer

Of course, we couldn’t stop there. We’ve continued to test new techniques and create new products – all in the name of getting ourselves (and our customers!) out and about and enjoying life easily and beautifully. For us, our tables do more than just give you a gorgeous, portable piece of Australian craftsmanship. They also give you the opportunity to create wonderful memories with the people you love most.

At the end of the day, we’re a Gold Coast-based family business, working hard to provide a beautiful handmade Australian Product. We’re actively involved in our business, and manage and oversee all the processes in making our range. When you purchase from us, you’re supporting local business, and all the other local businesses that are in our supply chain and who stock our products. We know how important this is to our customers, and we’re so proud to be able to provide it.

Get in Touch

We love to speak with our customers. If you have any questions about our tables, or just want to know how Eric dreams up his designs, get in touch.